The New Transition Handbook: Strategies High School Teachers Use that Work!

Authors: Carolyn Hughes Ph.D., Erik W. Carter Ph.D.; Foreword Author: Paul Wehman Ph.D.

Format: Paperback w/CD-ROM, 232 pages, 8.5 x 11.0
ISBN: 9781598571998
Price: $39.95

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To help students with disabilities make a smooth transition from high school to adulthood, you need proven and practical strategies that prepare them for success in an increasingly complex world. You'll find more than 500 research-based, teacher-tested support strategies in The New Transition Handbook—the modern transition guide for today's students and the professionals who support them. The revised edition of Hughes & Carter's bestselling The Transition Handbook, this thoroughly updated guide is everything transition teams want: it's ultra-practical, fast and easy to navigate, cost-effective, and reflects the latest research and legislation affecting young adults with disabilities. Packed with ready-to-use strategies for teaching key skills and developing effective school and community supports, this is the ultimate guide to helping students
  • achieve self-determination
  • access the general curriculum
  • increase social acceptance and participation
  • set and reach individualized goals
  • strengthen positive behavior
  • prepare for postsecondary education
  • develop employment skills
  • access community resources
  • learn critical functional skills

With the convenient "menu" format, you can flip right to the strategies you need without having to page through the entire book. And the included CD-ROM gives you more than 25 printable checklists and observational forms that address social skills, classroom supports, job satisfaction, modified grading, and more. Keep this guidebook at your fingertips year after year, and you'll provide effective, individualized support for young people with disabilities as they begin fulfilling, self-determined adult lives.

With more on today's most critical transition topics!

  • transition assessment
  • new technology
  • postsecondary education
  • community-based instruction
  • student-directed planning and learning


Review by: Scott Harrington, BCBA-D, Youth Transition Director, Nevada Center for Excellence in Disabilities, University of Nevada, Reno
“A necessary resource for anyone involved in cutting-edge transition practices . . . undoubtedly the most practical Handbook available.”
Review by: Fred Swanson III, Transition Teacher/Counselor, Madison West High School
“Gives teachers the tools to effectively complete transition activities within a clear and documented framework . . . will go far in helping to promote more valued roles in school, work, and community settings for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.”
Review by: Ada Winford, MNPS Autism Lead Teacher
“Should be a required resource for individuals seeking to become special or general educators . . . [provides] excellent methods to differentiate our teaching and assess using formative practical tools.”
Review by: Richard Rosenberg, Vocational Coordinator, WorkAbility and Transition Partnership Project; Teacher of the Year, 2009-2010, Whittier Union High School District
“A great resource for teachers, support staff, job developers and family members who are navigating transition for youth with various disabilities . . . The complementing CD is fantastic, allowing the materials to be easily modified for each student.”

Table of Contents

Contents of the Book

About the Authors
Foreword by Paul Wehman

I. Introduction to The New Transition Handbook

  1. The New Transition Handbook: A Model of Transition Support
  2. Assessment and Planning: Identifying Supports and Skills that Enhance Success

II. Developing Supports that Enhance Participation

  1. Increasing Support within School and Community Settings
  2. Increasing Social Support and Promoting Acceptance

III. Teaching Skills that Promote Success

  1. Promoting Independence and Self-Determination
  2. Promoting Social Participation and Teaching Social Skills
  3. Promoting Functional Skills and Access to the General Curriculum
  4. Teaching Employment Skills and Promoting Career


Contents of the Accompanying CD-ROM

About This CD-ROM

Form 2.1 Event Recording Datasheet
Form 2.2 Interval Recording Datasheet
Form 2.3 Task Analysis Observation
Form 2.4 Employee Social Skills Checklist
Form 2.5 Home Inventory Form
Form 3.1 Job Analysis Survey
Form 3.2 Work Performance Evaluation
Form 4.1 Behavior Checklist
Form 4.2 Individual Social Support Plan
Form 4.3 Seven Steps to Starting a Peer Buddy Program
Form 4.4 Community Activity Participation Form
Form 5.1 Teaching and Evaluating Self-Management
Form 5.2 Self-Instruction Training Sequence
Form 5.3 Picture Prompt
Form 5.4 Today's Schedule (with Analog Clock)
Form 5.5 Today's Schedule (with Digital Clock)
Form 5.6 Daily Checklist
Form 5.7 Self-Recording Chart
Form 5.8 Choice-Making Opportunities
Form 6.1 Social Interaction Observation Form
Form 6.2 Social Opportunities Chart
Form 6.3 Peer Buddy Social Skills Teaching Checklist
Form 6.4 Peer Perception Questionnaire
Form 7.2 Modified Grading System for Students in General Education Classrooms
Form 7.3 Data Collection System
Form 8.1 Job-Related Skills Assessment
Form 8.2 Student Job Planning Tool
Form 8.3 Student Job History Form
Form 8.4 Job Satisfaction Form for Youth Employees

About the Authors
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