The Syracuse Community-Referenced Curriculum Guide for Students with Moderate and Severe Disabilities

Volume Editors: Alison Ford Ph.D., Roberta Schnorr M.S., Luanna H. Meyer Ph.D., Linda A. Davern M.S., Jim Black M.S., Patrick Dempsey M.S.

Format: Spiral-bound, 416 pages, 7.0 x 9.9
ISBN: 9781557660275
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Serving learners from kindergarten through age 21, this field-tested curriculum is a must for professionals and parents devoted to directly preparing a student to function in the world. It examines the role of community living domains, functional academics, and embedded skills, and includes practical implementation strategies and indispensable information for preparing students whose learning needs go beyond the scope of traditional academic programs.


Review by: George H.S. Singer, Professor, Special Education, Disability and Risk Studies Program, University of Calfornia, Santa Barbara
"I have collected every published curriculum that I can find and it is better than almost all of them . . . An excellent tool for helping students meet [their] goals."
Review by: Gwen Dunlap-Garcia, Assistant Principal at P168X, A Collaborative Community Of Practice and Learning School, Bronx, New York
"We have given workshops for new teachers and we use The Syracuse Guide as our "bible." Thanks for exposing us to such a resourceful guide."
Review by: Craig Blum, Assistant Professor, Illinois State University
"Indispensible. Every semester I get outstanding feedback from people in the field using it and teacher candidates learning from it."
Review by: Cate Kurowsky, parent of a student with autism, Columbus, New Jersey
"I have personally used this curriculum for years as a gold standard for functional curriculum, and have recommended this curriculum to my school district. I have not found another curriculum that matches this."
Review: Mental Retardation
"A comprehensive handbook that focuses on the importance of not only integrating all students regardless of ability in a public school setting, but also on the need to teach them skills that are directly related to the expectations and demands of the community at large."

Table of Contents

Task Force Participants

Section I: Overview
  1. Overview
    Alison Ford, Linda Davern, Luanna Meyer, Roberta Schnorr, Jim Black, and Patrick Dempsey
Section II: Home-School Collaboration
  1. Home-School Collaboration
    Luanna Meyer
Section III: Community Living Domains
  1. Self-Management/Home Living
    Alison Ford, Linda Davern, Luanna Meyer, Roberta Schnorr, Jim Black, and Patrick Dempsey
  2. Vocational Domain
    Alison Ford, Jim Black, Pat Rogan, Roberta Schnorr, Luanna Meyer, Linda Davern, and Patrick Dempsey
  3. Recreation/Leisure
    Alison Ford, Linda Davern, Luanna Meyer, Roberta Schnorr, Jim Black, and Patrick Dempsey
  4. General Community Functioning
    Alison Ford, Roberta Schnorr, Luanna Meyer, Linda Davern, Jim Black, and Patrick Dempsey
Section IV: Functional Academic Skills
  1. Reading and Writing
    Alison Ford, Linda Davern, Roberta Schnorr, Jim Black, and Kim Kaiser
  2. Money Handling
    Alison Ford, Roberta Schnorr, Jim Black, and Kim Kaiser
  3. Time Management
    Alison Ford, Jim Black, Linda Davern, and Roberta Schnorr
Section V: Embedded Social, Communication, and Motor Skills
  1. Social Skills
    Susan M. St. Peter, Barbara J. Ayres, Luanna Meyer, and Seunghee Park-Lee
  2. Communication Skills
    Pat Mirenda and Marsha Smith-Lewis
  3. Motor Skills
    Beverly Rainforth, Mike Giangreco, and Ruth Dennis
Section VI: Implementation Strategies
  1. Developing Individualized Education Programs
    Roberta Schnorr and Alison Ford
  2. Scheduling
    Linda Davern and Alison Ford
  3. Managing Classroom Operations
    Linda Davern and Alison Ford
  4. Planning and Implementing Activity-Based Lessons
    Jim Black and Alison Ford
  1. Parent Input Forms
  2. Scope and Sequence Charts: Extended Versions
  3. Blank Repertoire Charts
  4. Example Vocational Training Site Agreement and Brochure
  5. Example Individualized Education Program Goals and Objectives

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