The Teacher's Pocket Guide for Effective Classroom Management, Second Edition

Author: Tim P. Knoster

Format: Paperback, 152 pages, 5.5 x 8.3
ISBN: 9781598574029
Price: $24.95

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Teachers give the highest marks to this bestselling classroom management guide—and now it's better than ever! Developed by Tim Knoster, a behavior expert and former teacher whose in-demand workshops have inspired thousands, this new edition is the friendly how-to book educators need to increase desired behavior in today's K–12 classrooms. The second edition weaves in timely NEW guidance for teachers implementing multi-tiered systems of support in tandem with positive behavior interventions and supports (PBIS), though it's still a great resource for teachers in more traditional school settings. With the time-efficient, research-based strategies—relayed with humor and vivid examples—teachers will unlock the mysteries of student behavior, prevent disruptions to learning, and support better outcomes for every student.

  • Successfully use multi-tiered systems of positive behavior support
  • Decode the motives behind students' behavior
  • Develop rapport with students while maintaining appropriate boundaries
  • Establish clear expectations for behavior in the classroom
  • Reinforce expected behavior throughout the day with positive supports
  • Skillfully redirect inappropriate student behavior
  • Apply proven Tier 2 RTI strategies with students who require additional supports
  • Use individualized, intensive Tier 3 strategies with students who pose special challenges
PRACTICAL MATERIALS: Helpful tip sheets and classroom management tools, including an Expectations Planning Matrix, Behavior Progress Report, Behavior Contract, and more.


Review by: Lee Kern, Lehigh University
“Filled with practical strategies . . . The advice offered in any single stand-alone chapter is likely to make a substantial improvement in any teachers classroom.”
Review by: Lori Newcomer, University of Missouri
“[Knoster] has put all the pieces together for educators to create a healthy and positive learning environment.”
Review by: Linda Bambara, Lehigh University
“Masterfully translates research on effective practices into accessible language that will stimulate a deep understanding of why students do what they do and how teachers can create positive classroom climate for all students to flourish, even the most challenging.”
Review by: Howard Muscott, Director, NH Center for Effective Behavioral Interventions and Supports at SERESC
“An excellent resource . . . The strategies provide a practical approach to addressing evidence-based practices within a multi-tiered system of positive behavior support.”
Review by: Hank Bohanon, Loyola University of Chicago
“A wonderful resource for our pre-service and in-service teachers alike. I highly recommend this work for anyone who wants to build an effective classroom environment for students.”
Review by: Bridget Walker, Seattle University
“Clear, useful strategies to help teachers effectively prevent and respond to challenging behaviors . . . Knoster provides teachers with a helpful context to decode difficult behavior and then follows with detailed, practical strategies that teachers can easily apply in their own classrooms.”
Review by: Glen Dunlap, University of Nevada, Reno and University of South Florida
“Immensely useful for teachers . . . Knoster knows how to communicate his practical messages so that teachers and students will benefit.”
Review by: George Sugai, Professor, Neag School of Education, University of Connecticut
“You want classroom-friendly tips, practical examples, and ready-to-use guidelines, then [this book] is the perfect resource. Even better, they are evidence-based and applicable at all grade levels.”

Table of Contents

About the Reproducible Materials
So Who Is This Guy?
    1. So Why Should I Read This Book?
    2. So Why Do Kids Act the Way They Do?
    3. So How Do I Prevent Problem Behavior in My Classroom?
    4. So How Close Should I Get with My Students?
    5. So How Do I Go About Establishing Expectations in My Classroom?
    6. So How Hard Is It to Use Reinforcement in My Classroom?
    7. So Does It Really Boil Down to Classroom Climate?
    8. So How Do I Address Inappropriate Behavior?
    9. So What Else Can I Do?
    10. So What if Everything I Have Tried Is Still Not Working? What Else Can I Do?
    11. So How Do I Connect the Dots?
References and Resources for Further Reading

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