The Teacher's Pocket Guide for Positive Behavior Support: Targeted Classroom Solutions

Authors: Tim P. Knoster, Robin Drogan Ph.D.

Format: Paperback, 160 pages, 5.5 x 8.3
ISBN: 9781598579031
Price: $24.95

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What should teachers do when universal Tier 1 behavior supports don't sufficiently meet the needs of all children? Next steps can be tricky to navigate when students appear at risk for developing recurring problem behavior—and that's why every teacher needs this concise, strategy-packed guidebook on targeted behavior intervention and support.

Authors Tim Knoster and Robin Drogan are in-demand experts with a combined 50 years of experience training teachers in positive behavior support in the classroom. Together, they bring you a friendly, encouraging guide to Tier 2 positive behavior support, ready to use in schools with or without an existing PBIS system. Brimming with down-to-earth advice, proven strategies, and relatable anecdotes, this book will get you ready to further prevent behavior challenges and create a safe, positive learning environment for each student in your class.


  • Determine which students will benefit from targeted behavior supports
  • Choose formal and informal targeted supports that meet each student's needs
  • Make the most of targeted supports already available if your school uses PBIS
  • Organize and develop Tier 2 supports on your own if your school doesn't currently implement PBIS
  • Strengthen your interventions through effective data collection and analysis
  • Fade out or step up the intensity of interventions and supports when necessary
  • Recognize when students need more intensive, individualized Tier 3 supports

PRACTICAL MATERIALS: Case stories in each chapter that illustrate different behavior supports in action, sample Behavior Contracts and Good Behavior Charts, an at-a-glance guide to social-emotional screeners, quick-reference charts on the features and uses of specific supports, and more


Review by: Lee Kern, Professor and Associate Chair, College of Education, Lehigh University
“This well-organized and easy to read guide is packed with useful information and intervention strategies. The step-by-step procedures and case examples woven throughout the guide clearly illustrate how to put tier 2 interventions in place, from initial planning and implementation to evaluation over the long-term.”
Review by: Randall De Pry, Professor and Chair, Department of Special Education, Portland State University
“The writing style of The Teacher's Pocket Guide for Positive Behavior Support is particularly engaging, replete with classroom-based examples, and focused on the use of evidenced-based strategies for supporting all students.”
Review by: Rob Horner, Professor of Special Education, University of Oregon
“Tim Knoster and Robin Drogen have compiled an accessible and practical summary of classroom practices for supporting students who need more than typical, but less than intensive/individual, assistance. The text places Targeted (Tier II) supports in the context of school-wide PBIS Universal (Tier I) and Intensive (Tier III) supports. The emphasis on classroom practices makes the text of direct relevance for teachers, and it is helpful that the recommended practices are now formally acknowledged and recommended by the U.S. Department of Education. Individual teachers will always look for strategies to improve their classroom, but this text should also help them braid efforts across multiple classrooms to establish a school as a strong learning environment.”
Review by: Rachel Janney, Author of the Teachers Guides to Inclusive Practices series
“This insightful, practical guide to targeted behavior supports is respectful of both the realities of classroom teaching and the science of positive behavior intervention and support.”
Review by: George Sugai, Professor of Special Education at University of Connecticut
“Searching for easy-to-access, research-based classroom strategies for students who need a bit more to be successful? Youll like this pocket guides conversational style, descriptive case stories and student profiles, succinct descriptions, and alignment with a tiered support logic.”
Review by: Glen Dunlap, University of Nevada, Reno
“This is an extraordinarily informative and useful guidebook for all teachers. Knoster and Drogan describe the power of positive behavior support as well as anybody in the field. This is a gem of a resource.”

Table of Contents

About the Downloadable Materials
About the Authors
  1. How Are Targeted Supports Different from Universal Supports, and Which Students Will Benefit from Them?
  2. What Is Targeted Support, and What Does It Mean to Provide Such Support in the Classroom?
  3. How Do I Gather Practical Information on Student Behavior in My Classroom?
  4. What Do Targeted Supports Look Like in a School Using PBIS?
  5. What Do Targeted Supports Look Like in a Classroom in a Traditional School?
  6. How Do You Adjust Targeted Supports Based On Student Progress?
  7. How Do Targeted Supports Relate to Individualized Intensive Supports?
Appendix: Blank Forms

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