Universal Design for Transition: A Roadmap for Planning and Instruction

Authors: Colleen A. Thoma Ph.D., Christina C. Bartholomew Ph.D., LaRon A. Scott

Format: Paperback, 256 pages, 7.0 x 10.0
ISBN: 9781557669100
Price: $36.00

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Apply the principles of universal design for learning to transition for students with disabilities with this groundbreaking guidebook. Schools across the country already use universal design for learning to improve all students' access to the general curriculum and tap each learner's individual strengths—and now they'll have a practical book that takes this powerful teaching approach one step further for students approaching the transition to adult life.

Transition specialists and educators will discover how to apply universal design for transition (UDT) during the critical middle- and high-school years, using its guiding philosophy—presenting information in multiple formats and media—to help students achieve academic goals, make sound decisions about their future, and make a successful transition to adult life. This timely, concise guidebook reveals how and why UDT can help readers

  • enhance students' self-determination skills
  • plan multiple assessments that measure the full range of student strengths and needs
  • develop IEPs tailored to student goals and interests
  • help students explore career possibilities and prepare for the working world
  • support all the elements of successful transition to community life, including finding a home, managing finances, making personal connections, and enjoying recreational activities
  • create universal access to postsecondary options and help students develop the skills they'll need in college

Throughout the book, readers get practical guidance, teaching tips, and case studies that clearly demonstrate how to present information and skills in multiple settings in a variety of engaging ways. They'll also find suggestions for a wide range of technology supports they can use to accommodate diverse learning needs, including video recordings, Internet tools and resources, audiobooks, podcasts, speech-to-text software, and assistive technology devices.

With this one-of-a-kind guide to UDT, transition specialists and educators will help all students succeed in school, make informed choices about their future, and build lives beyond the classroom that reflect their goals and dreams.


Review: Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
"Valuable and thought provoking."
Review by: Peg Lamb, Transition Specialist in Private Practice, Learning and Career Connections, East Lansing, MI
"I strongly endorse this book for any professional involved in teaching practitioners about the area of transition or providing these services. It is one of the most complete books on all of the domains of transition."
Review by: Jeanne B. Repetto, University of Florida, Gainesville
"Filled with strategies to link transition planning and the general education curriculum. As teachers and students understand this linkage both transition and academic student outcomes will improve. What a GREAT resource!"
Review by: Michael L. Wehmeyer, Professor of Special Education, University of Kansas; Director, Kansas University Center on Developmental Disabilities
"A blueprint for transition in the era of school reform, access to the general education curriculum, self-determination, and, of course, Universal Design for Learning. If you've just acquired this book, welcome to transition in the 21st Century."
Review by: Dave L. Edyburn, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
"Practical resources, strategies, and tools for improving transition practices. Readers will learn how to proactively implement Universal Design for Transition to support diverse learners."
Review by: Diane S. Bassett, Professor, School of Special Education, University of Northern Colorado
"Both content-rich and practical . . . seamlessly weaves the current educational practice with universal design, all within the lens of a transition perspective. This text will advise our field for years to come."

Table of Contents

About the Authors
About the Contributors

I: Universal Design for Transition

1: Background and Explanation of Universal Design for Transition

2: Universal Design for Transition and Student Self-Determination

3: Universal Design for Transition in Assessment

4: Using a Universal Design for Transition Approach to Individualized Educational Planning

II: Universal Design for Transition to Facilitate the Transition from School to Adult Life

5: Universal Design for Transition and Employment
with Darlene D. Unger

6: Universal Design for Transition and Postsecondary Education
with Donald E. Finn & Jennifer Watson Klein

7: Universal Design for Transition and Community Living
with Beth A. Bader, Santa E. Perez, & Mary Bryant

8: Universal Design for Transition Applied to Recreation and Leisure
Kimberly R. Dell & Ronald Tamura

9: Using Technology to Put It All Together
with Judith E. Terpstra, Ronald Tamura, Donald E. Finn, & Darlene D. Unger

Appendix: Blank Forms

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