Your Classroom Guide to Special Education Law

Author: Beverley H. Johns M.S.

Format: Paperback, 176 pages, 7.0 x 10.0
ISBN: 9781598579710
Price: $27.95

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When you're teaching students who have special needs, what are your legal responsibilities? How can you provide appropriate, legally compliant special education services—and avoid pitfalls that could lead to due process hearings and court dates? Turn to this interactive quick guide for concise, accessible answers. The antidote to thick, cumbersome legal volumes, this book gives educators and administrators the basics of special education law in an engaging, easy-to-read format. With the jargon-free definitions and reader-friendly descriptions of laws and court cases, youll build a storehouse of knowledge you can apply in your own classroom. And with the thought-provoking activities and real-life scenarios in each chapter, youll see law-abiding practices in action and put your knowledge to the test so you're ready to fulfill your important responsibilities.

An essential addition to every teacher's professional library—and an ideal supplementary text for teachers in training—this guidebook will help you adhere to the law as you teach students with disabilities and special health care needs.


  • collaborating with parents and colleagues to build strong partnerships
  • developing and implementing IEPs as part of a team
  • supervising students and protecting them from abuse and harm
  • conducting behavioral interventions fairly and without bias
  • documenting the progress and behavior of students, communication with parents and colleagues, and the results of your students' IEPs
  • storing and managing your students' school records and personal information
  • monitoring your own behavior both inside and outside school (including on social media)

PRACTICAL MATERIALS: Fast facts and recurring interactive features make key concepts easy to learn. You'll get quizzes, "How Would You Rule?" activities, mnemonics of important points to remember, case story comparisons that highlight common mistakes and better approaches, and more.

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Review by: James Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book Review
Your Classroom Guide to Special Education Law is an interactive quick guide featuring concise and accessible answers. Thoroughly user friendly in organization and presentation, Your Classroom Guide to Special Education Law gives educators and administrators the basics of special education law in an engaging, easy-to-read format...While very highly recommended for school district, community, and academic library Special Education instructional reference collections, it should be noted that Your Classroom Guide to Special Education Law will prove to be an invaluable guide for the parents of special education children as well.”
Review by: Cheryl Zaccagnini, Associate Professor of Educational Leadership & Special Education, Shippensburg University
“This is one of the most comprehensive books covering special education law that I have read in the past 25 years in higher education. Johns articulates valuable information from special education categories, IEP, and Section 504 to all aspects of special education law that can be understood by experienced administrators, general and special educators and, most importantly, parents.”
Review by: Sarup Mathur, Associate Professor of Special Education, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, Arizona State University
“A relevant and timely tool for professional development of teachers enhance[s] their understanding of the basic education-related laws as they work with a wide range of students in schools and classrooms. A must read for every teacher of a student with special needs.”
Review by: Kathleen Winterman, Associate Professor of Education, Xavier University
“The author chose a unique approach to address an often times difficult and somewhat dry topic—school law and it's violation. Her strategy of providing realistic illustrations of practical application of the laws is not only timely but relevant. The use of missteps and exemplary responses provides the reader with pragmatic cases.”

Table of Contents

About the Author
A Guide to Using This Book
  1. An Introduction to Special Education Law
  2. The Parent–Educator Partnership: A Critical Ingredient for Student Success
  3. The Importance of the Collaborative Team: Partnering with Peers, Administrators, and Paraprofessionals
  4. Basic Principles of the IEP
  5. Supervision and Protection of Students
  6. Implementing Appropriate Behavioral Interventions
  7. Understanding the Importance of Documentation
  8. The Rules of Record Keeping and Confidentiality
  9. Using the Team to Make Appropriate Decisions: Avoiding Unilateral Action
  10. Presenting a Positive Image: Monitoring Yourself Inside and Outside School
Glossary of Key Terms
Appendix—Answer Key for Extras and Activities

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