"You're Going to Love This Kid!": Teaching Students with Autism in the Inclusive Classroom, Second Edition

Author: Paula Kluth Ph.D.; Foreword Author: Eugene Marcus

Format: Layflat, 368 pages, 8.5 x 11.0
ISBN: 9781598570793
Price: $36.95

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Thousands of educators have turned to "You're Going to Love This Kid!" for fresh ways to welcome and teach students with autism—and now the book teachers trust is fully revised and more practical than ever! Gathering feedback from teachers across the country during her popular workshops, autism expert Paula Kluth targeted this second edition to the specific needs of today's primary- and secondary-school educators. Still packed with the ready-to-use tips and strategies that teachers are looking for, the new edition gives readers:

  • dozens of NEW photocopiable forms, checklists, and planning tools that make it easy for teachers to implement the suggested strategies (see box)
  • photos of curricular adaptations, sensory supports, and classroom scenes
  • thoroughly revised and updated chapters on today's hottest topics: improving literacy, implementing positive behavior support, and collaborating effectively with families
  • larger 8.5 x 11 format, so the book is easier to read and photocopy
  • study guide with challenging discussion questions for each chapter-perfect for pre- and inservice professional development and book clubs
  • new ideas throughout the book based on the latest research on autism, inclusion, literacy, and behavior

Readers will also get updates on all of the other topics covered in the first edition, including fostering friendships, building communication skills, planning challenging and multidimensional lessons, and adapting the curriculum and the physical environment. And with the new first-person stories from people with autism and their teachers and parents, readers will have a better understanding of students on the spectrum and how to include them successfully.

A book teachers will keep forever for creative ideas and inspiration, this new edition of "You're Going to Love This Kid!" is the ultimate practical guide to including students with autism, teaching them effectively and sensitively, and appreciating the gifts they bring to the classroom.


Review: notnewtoautism.blogspot.net
"Packed to overflowing with tested and proven wisdom, insight, perspective, tips, hints, how-to; it is a must-have for every parent, teacher, Sunday School teacher, homeschool co-op leader."
Review by: Veronica Zysk, Managing Editor, Autism Asperger's Digest magazine
"A spectacular work, filled with thought-provoking wisdom that cultivates an appreciation for the positive potential inherent in every child on the autism spectrum, and practical suggestions for helping these kids shine! You're going to LOVE this book!"
Review by: June Downing, Professor Emeritus, California State University, Northridge
"Provides the same incredibly practical information as the first edition and then some . . . a very positive and upbeat state-of-the-art resource that goes well beyond including students with autism and presents solid advice on best practices for a wide range of students."
Review by: Patricia Mack-Preston, Special Education Teacher, Howard County, Maryland
"A wealth of knowledge, strategies, and resources to assist all educators in successfully understanding the value of inclusive education for all learners . . . Each chapter in this book said, 'Believe.'"
Review by: Jed Baker, Director of the Social Skills Training Project and author of No More Meltdowns: Positive Strategies for Managing and Preventing Out-of-Control Behavior
"I loved this book! Respect and empathy infiltrate every chapter . . . and inform us how to appreciate and include all kids."
Review by: Cathy Pratt, Director, Indiana Resource Center for Autism; Board Chair, Autism Society
"Solid, practical, and realistic ideas . . . uplifting and extremely positive. Every teacher should have the opportunity to experience Dr. Kluth's wit, clarity and wisdom."
Review by: Brenda Smith Myles, Consultant, The Ziggurat Group
"The first edition was excellent, and whatever superlative exceeds excellent should be given to this new edition. It is simply fabulous!"
Review by: Anne M. Donnellan, Director, Autism Institute, University of San Diego
"Paula Kluth has, astonishingly enough, improved upon a unique and wonderful book. . . . Here, every page has ideas and ways to get to know and meet the unique needs of each student. You're going to love the book as I do."
Review by: Lynn Kern Koegel, University of California, Santa Barbara
"Full of great ideas and excellent strategies . . . Every teacher and parent should have multiple copies - one to keep and the rest to loan out!"
Review by: Michael McSheehan, Clinical Assistant Professor, Communication Sciences & Disorders, Project Coordinator, Institute on Disability, Durham, NH
"Excellent! Paula brings clarity to complex issues, makes tangible the values and vision of inclusive education, and advances education toward wonderful new possibilities. Your students and colleagues are waiting for you to read this book!"

Table of Contents

About the Author
Foreword - Eugene Marcus

  1. Defining Autism

  2. Understanding Inclusive Schooling

  3. The Role of the Teacher

  4. Connecting with Families
    with Eileen Yoshina

  5. Creating a Comfortable Classroom

  6. Friendships, Social Relationships, and Belonging

  7. Building Communication Skills, Competencies, and Relationships

  8. Teaching Literacy to Students with Autism
    with Kelly Chandler-Olcott

  9. Rethinking Behavior

  10. Inclusive Pedagogy

  11. Teaching Strategies
    with Christi Kasa-Hendrickson

  12. Collaboration and Cooperation in the Inclusive School

Appendix: Discussion Questions

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