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Copyright notice: The Motivation Assessment Scale and The Motivation Assessment Scale (MAS) Administration Guide copyright © 1992 by Monaco & Associates Incorporated. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction of these works in any form, including digital and electronic transmission, is a violation of United States copyright law and international agreements and is prohibited. If you wish to excerpt any portion of the material for your publication, contact us here.


MASSoftware Professional is the software enhanced version of the Motivation Assessment Scale, bringing software convenience to your assessment.

MASSoftware Professional provides automated scoring of the Motivation Assessment Scale, analysis of results allowing comparison and statistical analysis of multiple scales, customizable report templates, organized storage of reports, and online context sensitive help. There is no need to purchase MAS forms. The form may be completed on the computer by the respondent, or you may use MASSoftware Professional to print a copy of the form to be completed by the respondent. The help file gives detailed instructions on preparing respondents to complete the scale as well as help in interpreting results.


  • Password protected user access
  • Print blank scales for raters to complete—no need to purchase scales
  • Automated scoring of scales
  • Electronic storage of scales
  • Automation-assisted comparison and analysis of multiple scales completed to assess a single behavior
  • Tables and graphs automatically generated to illustrate results of multiple scales
  • Standard report templates provided
  • User may create customized report templates
  • Electronic storage of reports
  • Multiple user option—users on a local network may share a single database; local administrator may restrict access of each user to completed scales they own; administrator may transfer ownership of completed scales to a different user
  • Restricted rater login option—raters who are given a login option have access only to scales specifically prepared for their completion
  • Context sensitive Help

System requirements: MASSoftware Professional may be installed on a Windows 7 or later computer. Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or higher version and Microsoft Installer are required. These are standard programs that should be available on a Windows computer except in unusual circumstances.

A two-week trial of MASSoftware Professional is available by download. This is a full-function version. To activate a one-year subscription, purchase a MASSoftware Professional key code.

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